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Lyla Magnus

I am a Langley BC based actor, performer and singer with a passion for theatre.


My experience as an actor and performer. Past plays, performances and more.

About Me

Find out more about me, my skills, achievements and honors.

About Me

Lyla Magnus

Lyla Magnus, a dynamic talent in musical theater, is recognized for her versatility and compelling performances. Her career, beginning in 2014, has seen a range of roles and awards, including performing at Carnegie Hall in 2023.

Lyla Magnus, a vibrant talent in the realm of musical theater, is gaining recognition for her remarkable versatility and passionate performances. Raised in a creatively inclined family, Lyla's journey into the arts started at a young age, as she nurtured her musical and dance skills. Her proficiency spans multiple instruments including piano, drums, guitar, and ukulele. As a dancer, she's explored various genres such as ballet, tap, and hip-hop. Her singing ability also stands out, having completed up to Level 6 with honors in the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Voice program.

Lyla's theater journey commenced with her debut in the "Lion King" as Rafiki with the Play Society in 2014. Since then, she's played an impressive array of roles showcasing her expansive range as a performer. Her performances as Snoopy in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and Mary Poppins in the titular production demonstrate her ability to inhabit diverse characters. In 2023, Lyla's career took a remarkable turn with her performance as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast," hailed as her most successful performance to date. This role, along with her portrayal of Medda in "Newsies," has further solidified her as a compelling leading lady.

Lyla Magnus, equipped with a diverse spectrum of talents and an unwavering dedication to her craft, establishes herself as an emergent talent in the realm of musical theater. As she consistently delivers striking performances and continually refines her artistic abilities, she elicits anticipation from audiences for her future work. Lyla is at the advent of her career journey, and it is unequivocal that her trajectory is set for a notable rise in the field of musical theater.

Where I’ve Performed

"Beauty and the Beast" as Belle

(Play Society, 2023)

(Play Society, 2023)

"Newsies" as Medda/Nun/Newsies

(Play Society, 2022)

"Shrek The Musical JR" as Dragon/Ugly Duckling/Papa Ogre/Ensemble

(Play Society, 2022)

"Beetlejuice" as Lydia

(Play Society, 2021)

"Mamma Mia" as Pepper/Allie

(Play Society, 2021)

"High School Musical" as Gabriella

(Play Society, 2020)

"Aladdin" as Narrator

(LFMSS, 2020)

"Frozen" as part of the Ensemble

(Play Society, 2019)

"Mary Poppins" as Mary Poppins

(Play Society, 2018)

"The Little Mermaid" as Sebastian

(LFMSS, 2017)

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" as Snoopy

(Play Society, 2017)

"Matilda" as part of the Ensemble

(Play Society, 2017)

"Tangled" as Mother Gothel

(Play Society, 2016)

"Lion King" as Pumba

(Play Society, 2015)

"Princess and The Frog" as Charlette

(Play Society, 2015)

"Robin Hood" as part of the Ensemble

(Play Society, 2014)

"Lion King" as Rafiki

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My Achievements

Dynamic talent in musical theater, recognized for her versatility and compelling performances.

  • Honored performer at Carnegie Hall, New York with MidAmerica Productions (2023).
  • Completed Royal Conservatory of Music Voice program to Level 6 with honors.
  • Two-time winner of the esteemed Titan Choral Award.
  • Double recipient of the respected School Leadership Award.